GTAR History

The Beginning – 1920s

  • The National Association chartered the Real Estate Exchange, formed in 1913 by a group of 20 real estate men, as the Tulsa Real Estate Board on January 1, 1920.


  • The Board hired its first Executive Officer and rented its first office.
  • The Board established a sales associate membership category.
  • The first woman was granted REALTOR® membership.
  • The Board held the first Home Show.


  • The Builders Division of the Tulsa Real Estate separated from the Board to form the Tulsa Home Builder’s Association.


  • Through efforts of the Board, the Real Estate License Law was enacted and became effective on January 1, 1950.
  • 1951, the Board developed its first Standard Contract.
  • The Board rejected a recommendation to form an MLS and several members organized a separate Multiple Listing Service with 30 charter members.
  • 1957, the Tulsa Real Estate Board purchased its first office, a two-story house at 13th and Boulder.


  • Board established mandatory orientation course for new sales associates.
  • Board and MLS merged and Board established MLS as a separate corporation.
  • 1968 MLS first computer – a talking computer nicknamed Charley.


  • 50th anniversary – name changed to the Metropolitan Tulsa Board of REALTORS®.
  • The Board sold its 13th and Boulder office and built its present offices.
  • First female elected Board president and second female elected MLS President.
  • In 1976, the Board and MLS purchased an in-house computer and for the first time, the Boards’ membership records and billing system were generated by computer rather than manually.


  • Board developed voluntary Seller Disclosure form.
  • Tulsa County Assessor assessment records added to MLS computer system.
  • Buyer brokerage entered Tulsa market
  • Board added environmental inspection and right to cancel contract if inspection not satisfactory to the Board’s Standard Contract of Sale form.
  • The Board purchased its first desktop computer with word processing and laser printer.


  • 1991 Board name changed to Greater Tulsa Association of REALTORS®
  • Established Commercial and Investment Division (CID) and developed commercial forms.
  • REALTOR® and Sales Associate of the Year awards established.
  • Bylaws of the MLS amended to allow offers of cooperation and compensation to buyer brokers.
  • Building remodeled the building and Board Store established
  • MLS purchased new state of the art computer system and arranged to have digitized color photos to go online.
  • GTAR Foundation established.
  • 1995 legislation passed requiring Seller Disclosure and fax-on-demand system was installed to allow members to access the Seller’s Disclosure anytime.


  • Legislation passed eliminating agency and establishing statutory duties of the real estate license. GTAR and MLS forms and training revised to accommodate change.
  • MLS was 100% online with the new MarketLinx Tempo system, MLS Books went away
  • MLS became an Internet Provider Service for members, which gave all members an e-mail address and established the GTAR/MLS web site with publications, forms etc. available to members.
  • The Supra Display Key system was introduced in preparation for new infrared key box.
  • Mobile apps began to surface in the real estate industry.

2010 - Current

  • Mobile Apps continue to evolve into home searches for both members and the public.
  • Zillow passes as the #1 public search site.
  • NORES begins servicing 3 other Oklahoma Associations with MLS services
  • Northeast Oklahoma Real Estate Services (NORES) changes its name to MLS Technology, Inc in order to remove the geographic reference
  • 31 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties are now primarily served by MLS Tech.
  • Sentrilock replaces Supra as the Key & Key Box system